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Kaydens: 50 Gallons of Black Slime   added 17 hours ago
My favorite messy experience! How could I top this? I felt feelings of pure bliss and extreme pleasure being completely sunk deep down in thick, black slime! It was a fantasy brought to life, every minute felt unreal! I begin wearing only a purple g-string and a pink bra. I slowly dip my toes i...
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I bought a new, cute pink summer dress, specifically to go home and ruin! I put my creative messy love in action and come up with a mess I've always wanted to play in..buckets of rainbow slime spaghetti! I fill my panties with handfuls of slimy green and purple noodles and can't get enough of how...
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Camera Guy has a foot fetish and I wanted to get messy, so I picked the tastiest of desserts to try to seduce him..chocolate syrup, caramel, whipped cream, and a chocolate pudding pie! I myself have a huge foot fetish too though, so I ended up getting so into it, I forgot about caring if he liked t...
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Kaydens' Extreme Body Suit Filling   added 11 days ago
This is what I call extreme filling! For this custom video I was asked to wear a full body suit duct taped at the arms and legs to make sure that the mess stays in...I had never done anything like this before! I unzip the suit, revealing my completely naked body, and pie my bare pussy with a cream...
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Jayce and I play a trivia game with alternative music questions sent to us by our custom-er. I win the game (yay!) so I get to get messy first! Jayce slowly removes my sexy goth clothes, stripping off my studded jewelry and belt, and then my tiny black, lace dress, my panties, and finally each of...
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